Night Rider 

I felt exhausted as I closed up shop after a long, stressful day at work. My flats squished beneath my feet with every step to my car. It was the first cold night that we had to endure and of course it had to rain a steady icy rain. 

As I drove the 20 minutes straight shot back to my apartment my mind wandered to what food might be cooked by my one and only when I got home, and then what Netflix movie did I want to see. Recently I had been slacking on consistently working out..and those pesky thoughts of cozy things always seem to get me. As I pulled into my complex I pushed all thoughts aside and grudgedly commited to doing the workout I had scheduled. 

I set up the trainer in my garage and got to work. I instantly felt my quads fighting back, it was an effort just to moderately pedal. The run from the day before had left me tight and sore. I continued on determined to get in the full 50 minutes. I finally found a good song on pandora after using all of my skips and started alternating. Honestly I loved this type of workout. I was able to really get a lot out of it and finish the full time. I would alternate every 3.5 minutes between high intensity and moderate pedaling. There was only one time that I switched to a higher gear and that didn’t last too long. I know I was dying, hopefully I will be able to progress to a harder gear for the indoor training gradually. I swear pandora was not cooperating with me at all, I managed to get through the work out and I really did feel good about it. 

I was able to actually do yoga after the workout and it really helped me so much. I have been foam rolling my hips and IT band a lot more too like and hour each night. I am doing the YOGA 30 challenge with Adrienne on YouTube it’s a perfect pace and i can really focus on stretching my lower body without of exerting myself. My eating habits need to be a lot more stable. I have such a crazy work day and absolutely no real break… it makes it extremely hard to be consistent with time of eating meals. I started my advocare shakes the new plant based ones are ridiculously amazing. ❤️ 

^you guys can check all that out! 

I plan to start the 24 day challenge too and that will really help regulate my eating habits. 

Overall big plans, short term however is simple: be consistent. 
Until next time… find your inner rekkr. 


Back in action

    I am fully committed to maintaining a workout routine and hopefully competing in a few events. I am on the email list for north face endurance and after 3 years I am dying to get back on the trail. 

   So far I have completed a week worth of training and I’m feeling amazing. More updates to come😁


I am pretty much the epitome of a rookie when it come to triathlons. I haven’t really even raced competitively in a cycling or swimming event. I am extremely passion about getting to my first tri and really being great. 

Everyone has there reasoning for competing in a triathlon or making it a part of their lives and competively racing. I want to be part of the latter. However, are these just visions of grandeur, is my mind running ahead of my actual capabilities as an athlete? That is a scary question. I know that in every situation mentally and physically straining I have overcome and persevered where others faltered. I can say that with confidence, I know that my own will can get me through. I just want some direction some solid training. I want to add onto my will and partner that will the some skill. 

So here is my question. Am I ready for a coach? I have a quoted prove of $350 a month and this would include training and nutritional plan as well as heart zone specifics for each workout. Does this sound like a good plan?? Curious and excited to hear your responses!

Can I stick with it 

Already I’ve had some solid weeks of training and some periods where I’ve done absolutely nothing. I feel that this time I am really sinking into a flow. 

I’m better at following through with things when I do the complete change. Eating, working out, sleeping, and even thinking; I have to change all of those patterns. If I change one or two I may follow my training for a little while but boom before I know it I’ve sat on the couch all week eating velvetta and five cheese pizza all week. So a little over a week ago I made the decision that it was time to throw myself into change. 

I have a wonderful trip planned to cabo with my other half and I want to look good and feel good when we get to enjoy our much needed alone time. Plus I have been reading a lot and following a lot of triathletes and with all the Olympic qualifying races I am some what obsessed with attempting one. So it’s a perfect time to start. 

This week I have changed drastically:

No drinking 

Drinking lots of water

Advocare CORE eating plan

One discipline workout every other day

Incorporating yoga daily

Sleeping consistently 


So far these change have made a difference. I’m not much about the scale although I think I have lost weight and gained some muscle, I feel much much better in all aspects.

7 days into yoga I feel mentally and physically strong. Cross training breaks up the workouts and I want to do everything in my power to prevent injury. 

I hope to find my next big event very soon .

The first cycling event

I am one of those people that need a legit set in stone event to get me motivated enough to prepare/train. I bought a beautiful black cannondale road bike and signed up for a 66.5 mile bike ride. I practiced inside and did two 20 mile bike rides in preparation, but I still really wasn’t comfortable on the bike. Before I knew it the morning of the ride arrived and I was feeling anxious. I strapped on my gloves, camelbak, and helmet headed down market street in Philly. 

I coasted into the crowd of 3,000 participants and immediately felt empowered by the first few bars of the Rocky soundtrack. I looked at my team which included my mom and dad (divorced, there together to support me, and not cyclists). Finally the crowd began moving forward and we pedaled over the first part of the Ben Franklin Bridge. At 6:30 the sun was already beaming down on us, I realized that the next 66 miles were going to be rough. 

My mom riding on a beach cruiser was flying past seasoned bikers. I struggled to stay in eyeshot, pounding my pedals downward. A helpful tenured cyclist road up along side of us as we all pedaled furiously on an incline. His bike seemed to be floating effortlessly up the hill, “shift down on the inclines, all you want to be doing is pedaling, don’t work your legs to hard on this,” he offered his wisdom. We all began shifting gears trying to figure out what he was talking about. The first 20 miles were extremely difficult, my dad was surrounded by med staff when he couldn’t get up a hill and my girlfriend fell injuring her elbow and knee. Dispite the exhaustion I was feeling in control of my bike for the first time. There was only one down hill where I lost control of the pedals and almost fell.

As we made a quick left into the halfway point rest area, I suddenly became aware of off hot I was. I became so nauseous I couldn’t even talk. Unsure of what to do I headed toward the food station, started picking at a half of a bagel and taking shelter from the sun under a tent. My legs were weak and I was beginning to doubt my ability to finish. Somewhere inside my mind I decided that I would beat this course and finish. The bagel helped, I jumped on my bike and started out again. 

40 miles to 58 we were all just going through the motions, trying to keep a decent pace because we knew we were really close to the cut off time. The second to last rest stop was where everything changed for me. My bike on its kick stand I walked over to refuel on watermelon and bananas, then as I looked back my bike was on the ground. This part of jersey had become so windy that the wind literally blew my bike over messing up the brakes and my tire. Racing over to the bike repair tent I begged the kid to fix my bike. He said he could fix the brakes and straighten the wheel enough for me to finish, he went to work quickly. “Wow your tires are low, I’m gonna pump them up, yo your gonna blow by everyone now,” the kid said as he was grabbing the pump. My mom laughed, she was having not trouble and acting as if she was cruising on the boardwalk. “Good I need her to be fast,” she said elbowing me jokingly. I thought the kid was nuts and that he must not have realized I had already biked 58 miles. I got on my bike and my entire world changed. I rode easily up an incline, smiling and in disbelief I rode ahead feeling weightless. So total ROOKIE mistake I had been riding the entire race without air in my tires! 

The rest of the ride was fairly easy for me, we made all the cutoff a and were able to finish the race at the AC Boardwalk together as Team Bingo! Completing my first event was amazing. I feel like I am on the road to recovery and that I may actually be able to do a triathlon. My leg and back were sore but not terrible pain the next morning (which was a miracle to me). 
Betty’s Bikers also known as Team Bingo participated in the American Cancer Society sponsored bike ride Bridge to Beach from Philadelphia PA to Atlantic City NJ 66.5 miles.

This race was dedicted in loving memory to Mom Mom Steel.

Serious about being serious about training! 

I think failing to complete a training schedule happens to the best of us once in a while. I believe it starts with not having a full fledged commitment, in that case it allows for that slip. I recently have experienced a slip in my training and I believe it is mostly due to my lack of commitment mentally to my cause. 

I last posted about a significant and glorious 30 min run. I felt like I was on top of the world until morning came and the next day I spent limping around. Sometimes it becomes so easy for injuries to mask themselves with endorphins and it seems for a short time you are invincible. I received a quick reality check. Discouraged, I withdrew from my training. I have refocused, I am recommitted. 

I swam today just focusing on form and getting meters in. My back feels tight so I’m gonna stretch it out tonight. Run/bike tomorrow not sure which I will do tomorrow depends on weather! 

I did it!

It’s safe to say I’ve accomplished something that I will remember for the rest of my life! Sunday April 10th 2016 I completed my first trail run in almost four yearsssss! 

It happened quite accidentally or maybe I was just not really conscious of what I was about to do and that’s kind of why it felt unexpected to me. I have my nice little schedule  

And there it is 30 minute run on soft surface, so it’s not like I didn’t know that I was going to run. My body and brain literally didn’t process what I was about to do until I threw myself into a jog one foot clammering after the other. 

Sunday was the first really beautiful day the east coast has had in weeks and I wasn’t going to squander it. I though I’d maybe sit on my porch, drink a glass of wine and relax after a really long emotional weekend. I started cleaning, must have caught the spring cleaning bug and then the next thing I know my mind has decided I’m going to get back to sticking on track with my training plan. Before I knew it my camel back was strapped on, shoes laced up, and bandana tightened. It was the prefect temperature mid 60s sun shining brightly as I drove straight for the national park. It’s a gorgeous park with many access points, all kinds of terrain, a winding river right in the middle, and of course packs of people enjoying all those things. It’s almost impossible to be anything but calm and happy as you admire the farmland stretch out for miles to the south and the rising mountains to the north-west.

Parking is always a little hectic but after I found a spot nerves threw me into an anxious state. I didn’t register what the distance or the demands of what I was about to do as I walked over the little damn that connects one side of the park to the other mountainous side. Once over and at the bottom of the mountain and beginning of the trail I took off. It wasn’t long before pain radiated up from my weak ankles, fatigue settling down on my frail knees. I thought it was the end. Then I remembered what the training plan had said “soft surface,” I pondered this while I stared down at my feet that were making contact with a paved asphalt trail. Maybe I shouldn’t be running on asphalt yet, should I have started with the treadmill all these thoughts came racing to my mind. I saw a tree to my right with a painted deep red marker, there was an openning to a trail that ran right along the river. My heart skipped a beat when I made a sharp turn off the main road and slipped onto the equestrian narrow trail. It had been rainy for weeks so the trail was muddy but I continued on, my legs falling into stride and my feet finding there way easily along the uneven ground. I kept my head up looking for any horses that may be flying down the trail. Sure enough I had to dodge a rider fairly quickly, but only had to do that one other time. The sun was reflecting off the surface of the river and I couldn’t believe I was even still running. 

I continued up a step incline, power walking the steepest part before settling back into a nice steady jog. I was now looking at my Fitbit every ten seconds looking for that merciful number 30. Just as I reached the flat surface of the summit thirty minutes passed. Luckily there was a little wooden bench I immediately began stretching, my muscles were all already tight. I enjoyed the moment there I sat over looking the park, exhausted and exhilarated. I had run. 

Workout/Life Balance 

I usually suck at time management unless I have specific short term goals. I wanted to throw my goals down on paper so they are a little more legit:

1. Stick to my workout routine -but listen to my body-

2. Month 2 add elliptical training
3. Month 4 add the bike 

4. Be able to touch my toes before 6 months- come on yoga-

5. Month 8 run a mile

6. Run a 5K in a year

7. Document this entire journey in this blog

Those are the goals I am working towards for 2016. Those are the big milestone goals. For this first week of recovery I wanted to go slow but make it count. I feel like I have accomplished that. The first four days I had pain, it was tolerable, and I stuck to a workout routine. Yesterday I caped of my first four days of training with a power swim. Consecutively swimming for ten minutes. I also improved my one lap time to 30″ 

Today my body felt tight. I had to do a lot of physical stuff for work and I could feel my back knotting up. Instead of pushing through a leg day routine I decided to play it safe and do some modified yoga. 

I have been able to keep my workout life balance up by doing my workouts really early or really late. The only thing I feel needs improvement is my blog life balance. I need to really commit to blogging this journey and set aside way more time to effectively and accurately post timely entries. As I move forward and things become more intense I will be working to stay on top of this important aspect. 

Have you guys struggled with a workout/life balance? How have you overcome it? 

Just getting one in 

Pain was pretty intense yesterday but I was in a better mood than on Tuesday. I ended my work day super late 7:00pm, and after a 12 hour day the last thing I wanted to do was hit the gym. Consistency is key though and I would not let myself fall out. I decided I would rip through the workout, high intensity short bursts. I did some heavier weight with some chest machines first. Then went straight to the pool. I did a non-stop 10 minute freestyle workout. I had to really focus on my breathing to stay in decent form. I knocked out the whole ten minutes. At one point I felt the flow, that feeling of complete release where your body just falls into rthymn. There is nothing like that freedom. I haven’t had that feeling since the marathon. I am feeling totally invested in this recovery and my outlook right now is amazingly bright and cheery. Hardest thing for me is always going to be that need to run. I know I will get there but first things first let’s build some muscles!

Initial thoughts

It’s my first morning after my first workout. I used to love waking up with sore muscles after a nice session at the gym. I don’t know if it’s just been to long, maybe I should have gone lighter, or maybe my mind is just so overwhelmed with the pain it can’t process correctly. Whatever the reason I am slowly making my way to my car, wishing I could be doing anything other than going to work. I took some Motrin and slabbed on some icyhot on my back. As mentally and physically exhilarated I was yesterday I am the complete opposite today. I knew it would be a hard road though. So I’m accepting this phase as the break in phase. It’s weird when your used to being an athlete your whole life no matter how long your sidelined, you think that you can hop right back in and dominate. I still have that in me. That sliver of unfaltering hope to run again. I will definitely incorporate some of the pt (physically therapy) stretches that I got from my two long years of being treated. I am still moving forward on day two as planned despite the pain from my first workout. Today I will be doing a lot of stretching and doing legs. My initial thoughts: I’m scared as all hell!

ill keep you posted!