Bear Mountain


8 hours….26.2 miles…15 blisters… No regrets.

After four months without running a single mile I drove the two hours to NYC. My running group was now just a running pair and they still planed to run the marathon, I was merely going for support after wing sidelined. We arrived at the North Face store in the city just in time to hear the ultramarathon man himself, Dean Karnazes. He was at first inspiring, slowly my heart and passion began to creep up and ensued on a battle against my mind and it’s better judgement. The Q and A session turned all my respect and sheer awe for Dean on its head. A random listener asked him about injuries and recovering process, also what his most devastating injury had been. He simply laughed at the question, a legit laugh. He literally he just said “I’ve never been injured. Just run through it.” Maybe it was Dean saying this and my subconscious accepting the challenge, maybe it was fear of missing something and never getting the shot at it again, or maybe it was just being in the NorthFace store but I decided right there clapping for the speakers. I decided to run…




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