When September comes…

     No not the Green Day song. I officially signed up for my first trail run marathon since my injury. I did this on a whim yesterday after watching the Netflix documentary on the Barkley marathons. I reflected on my love for trail running and the overall freedom it had given me. Signed up for ultrasignups.com and started searching events. I wanted a local run and definitely for it to be on the east coast. 


So there I am a participant in the free to run trail races in Massachusetts. I have looked through the previous times clocked by the runners and I am confident I will finish top 25% percentile. That is my goal. 

As most of you know I have been off and on as far as a training plan. I really get a good couple weeks in and then something happens personally and I stop training. With a date glaring at me on the calendar I now have the ultimate motivator. 

I chose to start training yesterday and jump right into a running regiment to increase my pace times. My times are way slower than they have ever been mainly because I haven’t been lifting/running/training consistently. The biggest accomplishment for yesterday was I ran 6 miles and mentally fought through the urge to stop. I stretched a ridiculously amount yesterday and used a tennis ball to massage my calves/hips. 

My phone died so it didn’t track the last mile properly but I think the pace would have been around 11:30 per mile. I wanted to mix in some elevation too so I ran a hilly road. Overall my muscles are sore but nothing flared up as far as my injury.  

Today I will be doing light jog to loosen up my muscles, yoga, and possibly a hike if I get moving fast enough. 

Find your rekkr


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