Night Rider 

I felt exhausted as I closed up shop after a long, stressful day at work. My flats squished beneath my feet with every step to my car. It was the first cold night that we had to endure and of course it had to rain a steady icy rain. 

As I drove the 20 minutes straight shot back to my apartment my mind wandered to what food might be cooked by my one and only when I got home, and then what Netflix movie did I want to see. Recently I had been slacking on consistently working out..and those pesky thoughts of cozy things always seem to get me. As I pulled into my complex I pushed all thoughts aside and grudgedly commited to doing the workout I had scheduled. 

I set up the trainer in my garage and got to work. I instantly felt my quads fighting back, it was an effort just to moderately pedal. The run from the day before had left me tight and sore. I continued on determined to get in the full 50 minutes. I finally found a good song on pandora after using all of my skips and started alternating. Honestly I loved this type of workout. I was able to really get a lot out of it and finish the full time. I would alternate every 3.5 minutes between high intensity and moderate pedaling. There was only one time that I switched to a higher gear and that didn’t last too long. I know I was dying, hopefully I will be able to progress to a harder gear for the indoor training gradually. I swear pandora was not cooperating with me at all, I managed to get through the work out and I really did feel good about it. 

I was able to actually do yoga after the workout and it really helped me so much. I have been foam rolling my hips and IT band a lot more too like and hour each night. I am doing the YOGA 30 challenge with Adrienne on YouTube it’s a perfect pace and i can really focus on stretching my lower body without of exerting myself. My eating habits need to be a lot more stable. I have such a crazy work day and absolutely no real break… it makes it extremely hard to be consistent with time of eating meals. I started my advocare shakes the new plant based ones are ridiculously amazing. ❤️ 

^you guys can check all that out! 

I plan to start the 24 day challenge too and that will really help regulate my eating habits. 

Overall big plans, short term however is simple: be consistent. 
Until next time… find your inner rekkr. 


4 thoughts on “Night Rider 

  1. Try one thing for me… after your next run, hop on the trainer and spin like you mean it for thirty minutes. Not the next day, 10 – 30 minutes after your run. Then skip the foam rolling (even though it does help immensely, I know) and tell me how you feel… Just try it. You’ll like it.


    1. Thank you a million! I was struggling through a 4.5 mile run, I could feel my muscles really tightening up… I jumped on the bike and did a solid cool down… instead of limping around the whole next day I felt perfectly fine! There was a faint soreness but not the nagging kind when you have to dread each movement. Thanks so much for the advice!

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