50 long long minutes 

As most of you know I haven’t been posting consistently, and which unfortunately means I haven’t been training consistently. I’ve made empty commitments and unfulfilled promises to myself to start and stick to with a slow steady program. This post is more for accountability then to beat down on myself. 

I find that the community on word press and instagram is so supportive and want to thank my followers for their kind words of encouragement and wise advise along this journey. I am proud to say that the first of many long runs was effectively completed this afternoon:

A solid run to get me back in the game! Now I have to admit I struggled through this one. My left hip has been so tight lately and it was flaring up on every step. My right ankle halfway through was sore and nagging me the whole way back. Overall though I felt like I could have gone further/faster and my lungs were totally fine. 

Also I wanted to report that the nifty piece of equipment in the photo above is my new iwatch and I am so pumped to try this sucker out in the pool! ⌚️

I hope to find more scenic routes to run along in the coming weeks. I found a really fun looking cornfield but had second thoughts about running up and through it, ya know, with all this clown drama going on. 

Rekkrrunner out. 


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