I am pretty much the epitome of a rookie when it come to triathlons. I haven’t really even raced competitively in a cycling or swimming event. I am extremely passion about getting to my first tri and really being great. 

Everyone has there reasoning for competing in a triathlon or making it a part of their lives and competively racing. I want to be part of the latter. However, are these just visions of grandeur, is my mind running ahead of my actual capabilities as an athlete? That is a scary question. I know that in every situation mentally and physically straining I have overcome and persevered where others faltered. I can say that with confidence, I know that my own will can get me through. I just want some direction some solid training. I want to add onto my will and partner that will the some skill. 

So here is my question. Am I ready for a coach? I have a quoted prove of $350 a month and this would include training and nutritional plan as well as heart zone specifics for each workout. Does this sound like a good plan?? Curious and excited to hear your responses!


2 thoughts on “Coaching?

  1. I think everyone can benefit from a coach, with a solid base you can complete a triathlon of most any distance. If you are ready and are committed you will get faster and stronger from having a coach. I would think you are getting a lot for that price, most coaching I know run about $200-$250 a month. The biggest thing in hiring a coach is not the money but the trust you have in the coach to get you were you want to be, listen to him or her and do the plan.


  2. My 40-something-year-old cousin who has done a few triathlons insists a coach is the best investment you can make. I have never done a tri but had a running coach once for a big race. I felt so-so about the experience because I didn’t do as well as I intended, but it was more my fault than his. When things weren’t going well, I should have said something yet I kept silent. The lesson I took from that was: if you spend a bunch of money on something like that, keep the communication flowing both ways so you get your money’s worth.


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