I am pretty much the epitome of a rookie when it come to triathlons. I haven’t really even raced competitively in a cycling or swimming event. I am extremely passion about getting to my first tri and really being great. 

Everyone has there reasoning for competing in a triathlon or making it a part of their lives and competively racing. I want to be part of the latter. However, are these just visions of grandeur, is my mind running ahead of my actual capabilities as an athlete? That is a scary question. I know that in every situation mentally and physically straining I have overcome and persevered where others faltered. I can say that with confidence, I know that my own will can get me through. I just want some direction some solid training. I want to add onto my will and partner that will the some skill. 

So here is my question. Am I ready for a coach? I have a quoted prove of $350 a month and this would include training and nutritional plan as well as heart zone specifics for each workout. Does this sound like a good plan?? Curious and excited to hear your responses!