Can I stick with it 

Already I’ve had some solid weeks of training and some periods where I’ve done absolutely nothing. I feel that this time I am really sinking into a flow. 

I’m better at following through with things when I do the complete change. Eating, working out, sleeping, and even thinking; I have to change all of those patterns. If I change one or two I may follow my training for a little while but boom before I know it I’ve sat on the couch all week eating velvetta and five cheese pizza all week. So a little over a week ago I made the decision that it was time to throw myself into change. 

I have a wonderful trip planned to cabo with my other half and I want to look good and feel good when we get to enjoy our much needed alone time. Plus I have been reading a lot and following a lot of triathletes and with all the Olympic qualifying races I am some what obsessed with attempting one. So it’s a perfect time to start. 

This week I have changed drastically:

No drinking 

Drinking lots of water

Advocare CORE eating plan

One discipline workout every other day

Incorporating yoga daily

Sleeping consistently 


So far these change have made a difference. I’m not much about the scale although I think I have lost weight and gained some muscle, I feel much much better in all aspects.

7 days into yoga I feel mentally and physically strong. Cross training breaks up the workouts and I want to do everything in my power to prevent injury. 

I hope to find my next big event very soon .


One thought on “Can I stick with it 

  1. We all struggling at some point no matter how good we are. The key not ever breaking from sticking to your routine, but, like you have to find ways to do better and have faster turnaround times from when you do fail.

    Glad you have found what works for you!!!

    Have an awesome weekend,

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