Can I stick with it 

Already I’ve had some solid weeks of training and some periods where I’ve done absolutely nothing. I feel that this time I am really sinking into a flow. 

I’m better at following through with things when I do the complete change. Eating, working out, sleeping, and even thinking; I have to change all of those patterns. If I change one or two I may follow my training for a little while but boom before I know it I’ve sat on the couch all week eating velvetta and five cheese pizza all week. So a little over a week ago I made the decision that it was time to throw myself into change. 

I have a wonderful trip planned to cabo with my other half and I want to look good and feel good when we get to enjoy our much needed alone time. Plus I have been reading a lot and following a lot of triathletes and with all the Olympic qualifying races I am some what obsessed with attempting one. So it’s a perfect time to start. 

This week I have changed drastically:

No drinking 

Drinking lots of water

Advocare CORE eating plan

One discipline workout every other day

Incorporating yoga daily

Sleeping consistently 


So far these change have made a difference. I’m not much about the scale although I think I have lost weight and gained some muscle, I feel much much better in all aspects.

7 days into yoga I feel mentally and physically strong. Cross training breaks up the workouts and I want to do everything in my power to prevent injury. 

I hope to find my next big event very soon .