Quick update 

Triathlon training: SWIM DAY ONE 

30 minutes working on technique and form. Just trying to get the meters in tonight. 
I usually post after the workout but tonight is different. I wanted to document my nerves and my anxiety because today is my first day back in the pool in a few weeks and I’m feeling terrified! I keep telling myself just a light easy swim but my heart is pounding out of my chest, palms sweating, and my mind is telling me to go home and eat dinner and screw it. I keep rationalizing how much I love swimming and training… But I think everyone can agree there is a beginning period the first week or two where it takes every ounce of strength to convince your mind you want to drive to the pool and jump in. Once your in a routine you look forward to it and you can enjoy it, but dammit I’m not there yet because I got lazy. 

Well here goes nothing, I’m summoning my inner rekkr😉



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