Sorry for the absence I had quite the traumatic week. This little nut decided he was a mountain climber and attemped to climb over the baby gate that blocks the bay windows in my house. I luckily was coming home early to let him out and go back to work when I walked in I was horrified. 

I knew something was really wrong because he was acting lethargic, that’s when I saw his bloody foot. At first I thought it must be a little cut, so I put on his harness and leash and headed out. That’s when his paw stared perfusly bleeding. I went in to panic mode I went into the living room where we keep him and there was blood everywhere. I grabbed a towel wrapped him up and rushed to the animal hospital. 

When the nurses looked at him, their faces said it all as the ran to get the doctor. She delivered the news that he had ripped his claw clean out I was devastated. My poor little guy had really done a number on himself. They bandaged him up and gave me some pain meds and antibiotics for him. 

Unfortunately I missed a couple days of training helping him heal. The one day I attempted to leave him his anxiety was almost at panic attack level. 

Today he is playing and running and happy. He still limps a little but he is much better spirits. His resilience makes me believe even stronger in the bodies ability to heal, even traumatic injuries. I plan to get back into my workout game very soon. 
If you are skirmish don’t look below its where I found his little claw. If anyone has this gate in there house with a dog get rid of it!!!!



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