Over achiever 

This is me and my buddy this morning. The last thing I wanted to do was leave the house and go to the gym. Like most days this little one tugs at my heart strings and makes it near impossible to leave the house. Once I procrastinated for a good two hours I grabbed a advobar and a slam shot and headed out. 

The weather was gorgeous. The sun for the first time in months reached my face, it’s warmth made my mind travel. My thoughts settled into a scene on a day that was similar to today. My feet were pounding the asphalt steadily, there was a crisp salty breeze, and I was happy. I was running. I made a quick right and the impact was soft as I hit the sand in stride. I loved running on the beach, it was by far an instant escape for me. Someone beeped a car horn and I jumped back to reality. 

I made my way to the gym feeling further away from that memory and more into that feeling of dread. I lifted a little and I began to feel better. I threw on my cap and sauntered out to the pool. The day wasn’t flowing like it normally did, all the lanes were occupied and for the first time since attended this gym I had to wait to get in. Maybe it was the previous blissful running memory, the weather, or the waiting but when i finally got the chance to jump in I was anxiously estatic. 

I had a number in my head 7 up and backs  (aka 50yds=one lap). That would put me at 350 yards and then I would do another 7 that would put me right at my goal 700. As I started I felt at ease, the breathing was natural, and I could feel that I was progressively able to hold my breath longer. As I approached the first turn I became disoriented. I kept pushing and got back in rhythm. The swimming became methodical as I was hyper focused on my form. 7 laps, 1o laps, 12 laps and I was gasping a little. A new number popped into my mind all of a sudden 20, 20 laps. I had a new drive and I was slicing through the water. The last lap was fast and when I reached the wall I was exhausted. My lungs were on fire and my body was shaking. I had swam 1,000 yards a goal I had set for next month. I had accomplished it early and the best part was I had kept decent form the entire swim. 

^ exhausted right after the swim. 

What was the last goal that you set and crushed? I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to do something like this 😁 guess I found my inner rekkr today!


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