700 yards

My puppy in all his cuteness could not stop me from getting off my bum and back to training. It was hard to leave him today for my hour long workout, but I mustered up all my strength to deflect everything that was pulling me back to comfy clothes and warm blankets.

Once out the door I could feel the adrenaline pumping and I knew it was going to be a great workout. I slammed down a slam pre workout and smiled as I snapped on my swimming cap. My pool is 25 yards long so I wanted to cover a lot of laps. I was thinking about working on my endurance so I wanted to make each lap be a consecutive 50 yards with a 45 second break in between. I was shocked that I would need to cover 1760 yards to swim one mile. It seemed impossible when I realized it and after my workout seems even more impossible. I shouldn’t say impossible, just hard, like really freaking hard. I mean I understand now that if I am really going to be a triathlete or even if I am going to run ultras again I need to have a whole new outlook. 

Training isn’t I’m just gonna jump in the pool and swim a couple laps, and I’m gonna bike a little 15 minute shindig. No, training needs to incorporate everything at a high level. I need to commit to the level of discipline I had before my injury. Yes I must go slow, but I must be consistent, unfaltering, and relentless. 

As I looked at that number 1760 a new spark was lit in me. I decided I would swim 700 yards. 300 more then I’ve ever done total in a workout. I absolutely crushed it. I kept my form for a majority of the workout and my tests between 50 yards were under a minute. 


Monday-cross train/yoga/arms

Tuesday-leg day! 750 swim

Wednesday- biking 45 minutes stretch like crazy 

Thursday-abs/back swim 800 yards 

Friday-arms/speed swim/speed bike

Saturday off 

Sunday-2 mike bike/950 swim 

Obviously I will have to listen to my body but I want to start setting a more concrete schedule. 


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