Well my job just got a hella lot crazier. My boss had a baby so I am acting manager and responsible for the entire operation for two weeks! The first two days have been just flying by and I’m barely holding on. With the staffing being limited I’m struggling to keep the great workout routine I had. Looks like balance for right now is out the window and my best bet is just to listen to my body and accomplish what I can. The last thing I want is to pull something or intensify the chronic pain. 

My job is very physical, I was cleaning a car today and really tweaked the injured disk. I felt it when it happened and I’ve been dying to go stretch and swim. Although as the night has worn on my body is really making me think otherwise. I think tonight requires an impromptu rest day with light stretching and yoga. 

Tomorrow will be a great rebound day and hopefully the rest will really pay off in my swim session.

Until tomorrow.



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