Back to the grind

Not going the lie that the storm really set me back. Yesterday was my first time really back in the pool since last week. It felt amazing but I was a little weak and I could feel it. This one session reminded me how important my whole process is. I plan today to go back to the basics and work on them deligently. Today I will do my hip and back stability and strengthening. I will also do chest and arms. Back to grinding out a solid routine. 

Work has become increasingly stressful, and it is reflecting all throughout my life. I refuse to go another week with this mentality. I need a goal a solid amazing goal. I think once I have something tangible it will change my game face, my attitude, and my life. The hard part is setting a reasonable goal. Here is what I came up with:

March 25th run a mile.

I had to take this week to remind myself that the ultimate end game is to run again. I need to be that rekkrrunner. I need to find my inner warrior runner and get lost on a trail or beach. Well all this being said I need to get everything in order to get over to the gym and fit this all in. 

Til next time. 



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