“We most always set forth time to be truly introspective. Often times we will find fault, create dreams, resolve conflicts, institute change, secure direction, and ultimately learn truths faster then if someone else were to instruct us.”


Well week one is over. The verdict is… I feel freaking amazing!!! My leg pain has decreased to a dull throbbing, much less constant than when I started Monday. My back is still tight and flexibility is still terrible. I plan to focus on both those areas more this upcoming week. So overall I am re-energized and thrilled to have these results. 

I am already dreaming of ultra-runs, I know I shouldn’t get ahead of myself buttttt I can’t help it! I am sticking to my promise to myself though and going as slow as my body needs me to go. After week one of swimming nearly every day I have also come to the conclusion that I love it! Who knew? I am literally obsessed with getting better at flip turns and perfecting my strokes. I have also been thinking about something else, ya know down the line, can you guess? Yup! A triathlon! I love swimming so much that I really hope I can compete in a triathlon if my training continues to go well of course. I am quite a dreamer for Virgo, I have to often reel myself back in, but I am really thinking that being a tri athlete is something I would love to do. Ok, ok, a lot to think about over just one week. 

Another update from this past week is the soreness in my arm. I believe that the muscle is sore from swimming freestyle. I went really hard during my power 10 minutes that could have contributed, also the fact that I have never used this muscle before in my life!

I want to add time on the bike soon but I think that I should hold off. The seated position of the bike always hurt my back/leg in PT, I might wait til week 3 to incorporate it into training… Any thoughts on this guys? 

For this week my main focal points will be:

1.Strength exercises for hips, back, and core.

2. Same weight, more reps.

3. Keep positive vibe going.


2 thoughts on “Reflections 

  1. Wow I just read your whole story and it’s incredible! I’m so proud of you for making the choice to run again despite the pain and doctor’s diagnoses. I’m sure you hear “Don’t push yourself too hard if it hurts” all the time, so I’m not going to say it 🙂 But I will say good luck and do what you can/what makes you happy! I’m rooting for you!

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