Workout/Life Balance 

I usually suck at time management unless I have specific short term goals. I wanted to throw my goals down on paper so they are a little more legit:

1. Stick to my workout routine -but listen to my body-

2. Month 2 add elliptical training
3. Month 4 add the bike 

4. Be able to touch my toes before 6 months- come on yoga-

5. Month 8 run a mile

6. Run a 5K in a year

7. Document this entire journey in this blog

Those are the goals I am working towards for 2016. Those are the big milestone goals. For this first week of recovery I wanted to go slow but make it count. I feel like I have accomplished that. The first four days I had pain, it was tolerable, and I stuck to a workout routine. Yesterday I caped of my first four days of training with a power swim. Consecutively swimming for ten minutes. I also improved my one lap time to 30″ 

Today my body felt tight. I had to do a lot of physical stuff for work and I could feel my back knotting up. Instead of pushing through a leg day routine I decided to play it safe and do some modified yoga. 

I have been able to keep my workout life balance up by doing my workouts really early or really late. The only thing I feel needs improvement is my blog life balance. I need to really commit to blogging this journey and set aside way more time to effectively and accurately post timely entries. As I move forward and things become more intense I will be working to stay on top of this important aspect. 

Have you guys struggled with a workout/life balance? How have you overcome it? 


8 thoughts on “Workout/Life Balance 

  1. I think the blogging should be something you do to find an outlet and support. Don’t let it become a stick to beat yourself with 🙂 hang in there. .. you’re doing fantastically so far… you are very strong. You’ll do this 🙂


  2. I often find that making work/life/fitness/blogging fit into the 24 tiny hours we are given each day is tough. But I think I have learn’t to find the ti – scratch that – MAKE the time for all these things to co-exist is some sort of hectic harmony. Don’t stress about the blogging too much – it is good to blog regularly but – like fitness, it is about the quality of the feeling of the moment that counts. So you don’t blog for 2 weeks, big deal – we will not abandon your blog 🙂 (took me a while to learn that lesson). I log my activity on Google Cal so that if I don’t get the chance to blog, I can at least look back and see what I did.


    1. Google cal is a great idea! Thank you so much for the support… I am very very new to blogging and I am glad that you are willing to share such wisdom with me! I like the comparison between blogging and fitness as the quality of the experience. So far through this process every blog I have written has felt meaningful, I want to keep that feeling. It makes sense to follow that path and blog for purpose. Thanks for this lesson beardyrunner!

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  3. Those goals look solid! Best of luck!!! I guess we all struggle with work/life/workout/relationship etc balance. I am also worried about the time management too, because I started to run more, and now each run + stretching post-run would take up almost 2 hours.
    Also, have you tried using foam-roller? I use it more recently because I had feet pain and felt such tension in my muscles. I think it would help somehow with the back knotting up 🙂


    1. Thank you!!! Yes running is time consuming. I remember having to run at 3 am or late late at night to fit in longer runs when I was training for the marathon. Yes I occasionally roll with the foam roller or a tennis ball. I should incorporate that more though I don’t think I do it enough especially on my back, thanks for the tip! 🙂


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