Just getting one in 

Pain was pretty intense yesterday but I was in a better mood than on Tuesday. I ended my work day super late 7:00pm, and after a 12 hour day the last thing I wanted to do was hit the gym. Consistency is key though and I would not let myself fall out. I decided I would rip through the workout, high intensity short bursts. I did some heavier weight with some chest machines first. Then went straight to the pool. I did a non-stop 10 minute freestyle workout. I had to really focus on my breathing to stay in decent form. I knocked out the whole ten minutes. At one point I felt the flow, that feeling of complete release where your body just falls into rthymn. There is nothing like that freedom. I haven’t had that feeling since the marathon. I am feeling totally invested in this recovery and my outlook right now is amazingly bright and cheery. Hardest thing for me is always going to be that need to run. I know I will get there but first things first let’s build some muscles!


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