Dreaded leg day



Day 2: Legs

I must confess my miserable attitude remained with me throughout the work day. I woke with my arm being achy sore, my back tight, and my hamstring throbbing. Looking back I think that my mind couldn’t cope with the pain, it was like a sensory overload. The end of the work day could not come soon enough. I dreaded going to the gym for my workout the entire day. The snow was lightly falling when I finally got the will power to head over to the inevitable. Once at the gym, I practiced a little introspection. I reminded myself that this road was going to be uphill. That this time I can’t just keep pushing through disregarding pain. Yup. This time my pride has to be checked at the door, right there with my excuses. After this moment of thought I felt reguvinted. I did a light leg workout, which to me felt like a rigorous one.

Leg extensions
10 reps
2 sets

Seated leg press
One set of 10 reps each

Standing calf raise
12 reps
2 sets

Prone leg curl
10 reps
2 sets

after lifting I headed straight over to the pool: 25 minute session

My lungs feel a lot better today. I think thi will only improve the more days I go without smoking. My breathing and form feel more natural. Although both suffer if I am tired.

Overall workout went well. Back is tight, but the real problem continues to be my hamstring. I just got to keep all the doctors  responses in the front of my mind. All the doctors that ran tests on my hamstring agreed there was no injury showing. This blows my mind. The dull constant pain that plagues me every day supposedly shouldn’t exist. I keep telling myself that I must stay positive and try to block the pain out of my mind. It’s safe to say the most frustrating painful part of my first two workouts is my phantom pain!


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