Initial thoughts

It’s my first morning after my first workout. I used to love waking up with sore muscles after a nice session at the gym. I don’t know if it’s just been to long, maybe I should have gone lighter, or maybe my mind is just so overwhelmed with the pain it can’t process correctly. Whatever the reason I am slowly making my way to my car, wishing I could be doing anything other than going to work. I took some Motrin and slabbed on some icyhot on my back. As mentally and physically exhilarated I was yesterday I am the complete opposite today. I knew it would be a hard road though. So I’m accepting this phase as the break in phase. It’s weird when your used to being an athlete your whole life no matter how long your sidelined, you think that you can hop right back in and dominate. I still have that in me. That sliver of unfaltering hope to run again. I will definitely incorporate some of the pt (physically therapy) stretches that I got from my two long years of being treated. I am still moving forward on day two as planned despite the pain from my first workout. Today I will be doing a lot of stretching and doing legs. My initial thoughts: I’m scared as all hell!

ill keep you posted!


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