Day freaking ONE


After 3 years, today 1/11/16 I have completed my first full work out!

I got going with an early grind workout. I am not a morning person but 3 sets into my arm workout 5:30am seemed like nothing! I went for low weight high reps on my arms. I wanted to take it slow for my first round. My muscles were on fire with each set but a I good fire, a fire I haven’t felt in years. It was an awakening. After a solid arm day covering biceps, triceps, and traps. Then I hit the pool for a 20 minute session. I have never been a swimmer so I was really concentrating on form and breathing. I felt good the entire time minus a little back tension. The breathing was really hard, I think it may have to do with my smoking habit I stopped three days ago. I hope as the more days without cigs increase the easier breathing becomes. Midway through the work day I am sore but I plan to ice as soon as I get home and take an Epsom salt bath.

I think overall day one was a success!


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